News about the New Beginnings Program

July 23, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of Westminster,

On Thursday, July 31, at 7:00 PM, Westminster will hold a very important all congregational meeting in the Fellowship Hall. We will meet for a feedback session with our New Beginnings Assessor. All members will get a chance to give their concerns and dreams about the future of Westminster. Questions will be asked of the congregation, such as: What are the current and future possibilities for our congregation? What barriers are there keeping us from achieving what we can do for God’s people in Montgomery and beyond? What potential partnerships would help us do this?

What are your questions about the New Beginnings process? An Overview of New Beginnings is attached.

We need as many of our congregation to attend this meeting so we can get the best input possible. Please RSVP to one of the following numbers:

Westminster Church Office – (334) 281-2241

Joe Nicholson – (334) 590-0986

Robert Edwards   – (312) 933-8659

Dawn Akers – (334) 313-3848

You may also RSVP by signing the sheet in the narthex. Our calling tree has been initiated to remind everyone of this important meeting. You may also RSVP to your caller.

If you need transportation for this meeting, please call one of the numbers above or sign the sheet in the narthex.

We hope to see you all on Thursday, July 31 at 7 PM!


The New Beginnings Planning Committee