Mission Statement

Westminster Presbyterian Church is an extended family with strong intergenerational bonds that loves to eat, sing, study, explore and discuss.  We are grounded in traditional PCUSA beliefs with solid ties to the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley, the Synod of Living Waters, and the General Assembly.  We acknowledge the sovereignty of God and recognize Jesus Christ as the head of our church.  We believe in the importance of education, study, and prayer in discerning God’s plan through the guidance of the Holy Spirit for our journey in this historic community.  We embrace the opportunity/challenge to apply the immortal truths of our faith to the times in which we are living.  Our session’s ministries involve the congregation in all aspects of the church — Worship, Christian Education, Outreach, Congregational Life, Administration, Finance and Property.  Presbyterian Women’s circles are committed to regular Bible study, caregiving among members, and community outreach projects.  We are proud of the Westminster Community Children’s Choir, a ministry of and to the congregation that brings together elementary school aged children from throughout the Montgomery area.  In addition, we are graced by a very talented adult choir; and we have a very active senior fellowship group, the Revelers. Like many churches, we face the issue of a slowly aging congregation with little increase in membership of younger families.  Even so, we believe that God has a plan for us.  We are centrist in our views, and inquiring and reflective of issues facing our denomination.  Our compassionate and diverse congregation strives to share and spread our faith and hope in Jesus Christ and His love in the Montgomery area, and throughout the world, welcoming all who enter with open arms, hearts, and minds. We are involved with local outreach through Good Samaritan Ministries (collecting and distributing food to the needy), Friendship Mission (feeding the homeless), and MIND (helping handicapped children).